“Rowans Has Given Me A New Lease Of Life”

SusanMeager_ silkscarf_blog2

Susan Meager talks about her experience of attending regular therapeutic day care sessions at the Rowans

“I was referred to Rowans by my GP as things had got hard, I was struggling emotionally and physically. My breast cancer had come back and this time it was terminal. Pre-existing health care complications felt like they were becoming unsurmountable, compounded by a stroke which meant I was becoming increasingly confined to my own home. I wasn’t at all keen to go but saying yes was the best thing I have done and I only wish I had known about Rowans Hospice sooner.

I was very doubtful when I arrived but that soon went away. I can’t say enough good things about the nurses and all the staff. They are just amazing.  Plus the weekly sessions have provided me with a group of new friends who are in the same boat. We all look out for each other, sharing our anxieties, fears and also our laughter.  The friendship, laughter and the mix of activities available each day, especially the craft activities, which I have always loved doing, have helped me to gain a new perspective about my situation and to embrace every opportunity to do the things I love.

Rowans has also given me so much practical help dealing with sorting out my accommodation and getting me the correct equipment. Plus the food is delicious!

The love and support I have gained from attending Rowans, means that I am in such a better place than I was when I first came through the door.  It has given me a new lease of life.  All in all, it is due to the wonderful staff at Rowans that I have realised that my life is worth living. I now know whatever time I have left I want to make sure I Iive it!”

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