What The Hospice Renovation Plans Mean To Ward Manager, Karen Brickell

Artist impression of the new In-Patient rooms

Rowans Hospice Ward Manager, Karen Brickell speaks freely about the positive impact the renovation of the hospice, would have for staff and patients

I am really excited about seeing the refurbishment taking place, especially to the ward. Our rooms are looking tired and the environment does make a difference to how you feel. Also, moving all the patient rooms into a centralised area will make the ward a more social environment and ensure patients don’t feel isolated.

What is also going to be amazing is the introduction of new technology, which will give patient’s control over their own environment. This is so important, as sometimes being unwell can make people feel they have less control but the introduction of the latest technology will help to empower patients. They don’t have to rely on anyone else if they want their curtains closed or opened; room temperature changed; their lights on or off. They are in control of their own environment.

Coming from being a night nurse, I am excited by the new lighting. It will offer a soft lights option that will enable us to be able to see and check on people sleeping but won’t wake them. Currently if we need a tiny bit of light to check on someone at night we put the bedside lamp on the floor, the other side of the bedside cabinet, with it pointed down towards the floor! Which is not ideal.

The refurbishment will create new areas for families and carers which will make sure they have the space and privacy they need whether on the ward or accessing our Psychology and Bereavement services. Over the past 20 years I have witnessed the huge growth and demand for these and other services offered by the Hospice, so know how the planned renovation will make such a difference to the people who want our support.

We hope you feel inspired to show your support for our Silver Jubilee Appeal and take on the challenge to ‘ Pledge to do one thing’  .

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