Gordon White

Raised £1000 to date

IMG 6344ed

Proving small change makes a big difference, Gordon donated £543.14 early in 2019 by simply making sure he empties all the change from his pockets when he gets home into his coin jars.  His mum, Phyllis, did the same thing raising an additional £100. Gordon then donated a further £350 in November 2019, so together they have donated almost £1000!

As well as fundraising, Gordon also donates a Christmas tree to the Hospice every year in memory of the care his Dad received, whose birthday is on Boxing Day.

Gordon says: “My parents had always donated to the Rowans since the 80s, because it is a local charity. After experiencing the quality of care, I also wanted to help Rowans  and make sure we celebrate the memory of his life at Christmas. That is why as long as I am alive I will donate a Christmas tree every year to Rowans as fitting tribute to my Dad and the brilliant care that he received”.

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