May 31st, 2019

“Nothing beats fundraising for a charity that is on your doorstep”

Corporate 4 Charter

Debbie Hulbert, the owner of Charter Cutting Company in Emsworth, tells us why they have signed up to Rowans Corporate Challenge for the next three years.

“My mum passed away at The Rowans in 2014 but prior to then, as a Salon, Charter Cutting Company would always fundraise for Rowans Hospice just because it’s local. Nothing beats fundraising for a charity that is on your doorstep because you literally can’t imagine how many clients we have had, probably even just in the last 12 months whose daughters, sons, themselves, their partners have needed to use or be supported by the Rowans.

Our fundraising for Rowans started by taking part in the Moonlit Memories Walk. I did it on my own for a couple of years and then I managed to convince a couple of the girls to do it with me, then a couple more. When I started to rope them into doing the Moonlit Memories walk I don’t think they had ever really thought about it before. Now a team of us do it. We work all day and then we basically walk all through the night. None of us have a day off but we love it. The stillness of the night, the fact that you chat to people and everyone is there for the same reason.

We then started holding fundraising days in the salon, so it did feel slightly strange when my mum ended up at the Rowans. I had fundraised for it but never visited so I didn’t actually have a clue what it looked like or what it was about or how it felt. But from the minute we arrived the wonderful care was immediate. My mum, my dad, my sister and I, were made to feel welcome and at home.

Mum had ovarian cancer and was there for six weeks, I think she is their longest staying patient. So during this time we managed to form a really good relationship with everybody from the chef to the volunteers. The chef would pop in and tell my sister and I what soup he was making that day. We even had space in the fridge to keep mum’s ice-lollies, so she could have one whenever she needed.

“It’s going to be a pleasure as I know we’ll be helping to ensure the amazing care my family received, for our clients and our community now and in the future”

I got to know the chaplain, Carol Gully, really well and she has been absolutely brilliant. So whenever I go to the Chapel she always meets me and we have tea and coffee and cake. I also recognised so many of my clients when I was with my mum, who I didn’t realise volunteered there. They would come into mum’s room and say hi.

It was nice that I was able to take my hairdressing equipment in and do mum’s hair, it just felt like home from home. My dad stayed there for the last couple of weeks as well which was brilliant for him. He wouldn’t use the guest room, he insisted in sleeping in the chair in mum’s room, as he wanted to be with her the whole time. It gave him the time he needed which was great. It was just a really lovely, amazing place.

When mum passed away I said to my sister ‘we have to fundraise bigger than we have ever done before’ and we have continued to hold special days and raffles. So when I read the article in The News about Solent Design who does all the printing for Rowans and about the Corporate Challenge for the Silver Jubilee Appeal, I thought ‘you know what? We can do this!’ And it’s going to be a pleasure as I know we’ll be helping to ensure the amazing care my family received, for our clients and our community now and in the future.”

I can honestly say, that all of us at Charter Cutting Company feel honoured that we have signed up and are looking forward as a team to taking on the challenge for the next three years.